At Stoke Row School we want our children to feel confident to shine their unique light in the world. To provide children with the skills they need to be confident citizens we provide them with opportunities to engage with local, national and international projects.

Locally, the children have worked with Arts Asia Foundation and The Maharaja’s Well trust to contribute to a project celebrating Anglo-Indian architecture. The children worked to create new signage for the well site and develop walking trails to enable visitors to explore the area. This worked was celebrated in an exhibition in Reading Museum and they shared their trails with children for an inner city school in Reading. Other local activities the children have participated in recently include a village litter pick and singing for the elderly at a local care home.

Nationally the children are encouraged to explore issues of interest to them. Speakers from charities regularly come to school to talk to the children about their work. Recent visitors include Amnesty International, Nomads food bank and LaunchPad.

We are committed to teaching the children about global issues and have collaborated with Bwafwano Community School in Lusaka, Zambia and Choithram School in Indore, India. This has been arranged through the British Councils Connecting Classrooms programme. The schools have worked together on projects that explore global issues and staff have been involved in teacher exchange visits to strengthen the partnerships between the schools and enable children to meet teachers from other countries. The projects have included Eat Right: Healthy and Ethical Eating, Water: Rights and Responsibilities and the Send my Friend to School campaign. Through these projects we aim to develop the children’s understanding of global issues, challenge stereo-types and provide children with the tools they need to make a difference. We have an exciting project planned for this year around climate change.

In school, we annually support national charities including ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Comic and Sports Relief’. In addition to this, children make their own choices through school council or individual class projects of charities they would like to support; recently pupils raised monies for those affected by the Australian bush fires.