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Week beginning 23rd March 2020 – Home Learning Suggestions for Raindrop Class

In these uncertain times it is often reassuring to have some routine and normality to fall back on. Therefore, if you are able to, the Raindrop team would strongly encourage you to support your child in their learning at home where possible. In order to do so, we have put together a few suggestions based on our classroom plans. Please do feel free to dip and out, adapt and innovate them to suit your own child’s learning and let us know via our class email if you are having problems accessing anything.

We will update the phonics, maths and literacy weekly, and will be marking work sent through on the class email daily and responding with feedback.

Suggested daily activities:

Phonics Reading Maths (just 1 or 2 a day)

Any revision of phases 2-5 is helpful, however we are currently learning new ways of spelling the ‘oa’ sound.

Phonics ‘oa’ sound spelt with split digraph ‘o-e’


Bug club worksheet – Alternative spellings of the ‘oa’ sound:


Bug club worksheet

Great website for practicing reading sounds: http://www.phonicsplaycomics.co.uk/comic_

Daily reading on bug club or alternative texts – both fiction and non-fiction. The children enjoy listening to Michael Rosen stories on https://www.michaelrosen.co.uk/videos/

Oxford Owl has some super ebooks : https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home Scholastic are offering some excellent book-related activities over the next few weeks.

https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-1-2. Year 1 · Twinkl home learning · Counting up and back to 20 · Ordering numbers to 20 and beyond · Knowing which 2 numbers can be added to make 10 · Weighing for cooking using grams /comparing mass using ‘heavier than/lighter than’ · https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/mostlyPostie/index.html · Days of the week/months of the year · Extension activities can be found on nrich website. Year 2 · Twinkl Home learning booklet ( just 1 or 2 pages a day) · Practice 2, 5 10 x tables · Weighing for cooking using grams · Comparing mass · Telling the time · Extension activities can be found on nrich website.

Topic- based learning:

These projects may take up to a few days to complete and are suggestions for keeping the children’s interest and engagement in our classroom topic simmering nicely:


Watch ‘The Knight and The Dragon’ with the children. Each of the characters receives a letter from the other – what do the letters say?

Can you write a letter from the Knight to the dragon or vice versa? Can you remember what to put in your letter? (You wrote on to Father Christmas in December…) Dear….. hope you are well, state purpose for writing….concluding sentence (e.g. I look forward to fighting you soon), Yours sincerely, Name.

(Letter writing templates can be found on Twinkl to support).

Science – Materials (Twinkl Home learning pack, Years 1 and 2)

Geography – Research geographical locations of castles around the UK. Where are they situated and why might they have been built there?

History – Make your own castle including moving drawbridge. https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/members-area/kids/guide-to-castles/cardboard-castle/

Write some information about its features. Who might have lived there? PE – https://www.cosmickids.com/ for some calming yoga if you are unable to go out, or football in the garden to practice ball control skills and passing.

Outdoor Learning – http://www.treetoolsforschools.org.uk/activities/pdfs/pdf_spring_scavenger_hunt.pdf http://www.treetoolsforschools.org.uk/activities/pdfs/pdf_sounds_of_spring.pdf http://www.treetoolsforschools.org.uk/activities/pdfs/pdf_build_a_bird_nest.pdf


March 27th 2020:

I hope that you are all well and having the chance to enjoy a bit of this beautiful sunshine.
Thank you to everyone who has emailed us, it has been so lovely to hear from you and to find out what you have been up to at home. I’m glad that the home learning ideas have been useful for some of you but please don’t worry if you haven’t needed them because you’ve been doing your own thing – the important thing this week is to support each other in adjusting to a different way of life. Apparently, some of the links on our class page are not working, so I have attached my original word doc. to this email in the hope that they will work here. 
Next week I have put a very loose timetable together based around our school day and week and have included some suggested activities. I will add this to our class page and can email it to you if you contact me on our Raindrop Class email. Again, there will be no judgement or repercussions if you choose not to follow this timetable; the well-being of your child and family is the most important focus and if you are finding that it is a challenge to get your child to complete any of the tasks, please do let us know and we’ll work with you to come up with some alternative suggestions. Sharing a book, reading to siblings, cooking, den building, Lego building etc. are all valuable learning opportunities and your child will continue to learn through their play without sitting and completing a worksheet. 
Please let me know if the links to the websites are still not working on the Word doc. and I’ll try and send them across a different way. 
Best wishes, Kirsti Deacon 

Home learning suggestions for Raindrop class – 23rd March 2020 onward

Raindrop home learning timetable – 30th March 2020

Phonics Monday – Friday & Spelling list
This file includes the following:
Tiger Phonics – Monday

Tiger phonics – Tuesday oo as ew & Tiger phonics oo as ue

Tiger phonics – Wednesday oo as u-e

Tiger phonics – Thursday short u as u oul & Tiger phonics for Thursday

Tiger phonics – Friday Phoneme Spotter

Year 2 spelling word lists