Spirituality at Stoke Row 

The emotional and spiritual well-being of our pupils is very important to us at Stoke Row. After much discussion and feedback from our whole school community, our personal definition of spirituality is ‘to nuture the inner life of an individual”. In educating our pupils we take much inspiration from the saying, “A child is not a vessel to be filled, but a lamp to be lit”.

We strongly believe it is our responsibility to support our children in becoming reflective citizens and independent thinkers. We do this through creating a sense of awe and wonder in our teaching and providing opportunities for the children to be creative and use their imagination and to consider the ‘big issues’ through ‘Philosophy for children’ sessions. Opportunities for reflection and calm are provided through whole school worship, on a daily basis for a few minutes in our classrooms after lunch and in our dedicated prayer space where pupils can choose to spend peaceful time alone or with their friends.

We regularly review our spiritual provision for our pupils through spirituality audits, as part of our Ethos Committee, and discussions with pupils about their spiritual well-being.