Religious Education

Religious Education curriculum at Stoke Row

In line with our school vision we aim to provide an RE curriculum which nurtures our children to be a guiding light in the world. Our core values of kindness, respect, excellence, courage and perseverance are at the centre of how we teach RE. We aim for our children to be knowledgeable about the beliefs of others and respectful towards different communities.

At Stoke Row, we follow the Oxfordshire Agreed Syllabus. Our scheme of work is provided by the Diocese of Oxford.

Oxford Agreed RE Syllabus 2015 – 2020


The following three documents bring together the outcomes for each phase of education with a short narrative that explains how the link together.

Practically we do this by:

  • Exploring a key question at start and end of the unit
  • Providing pupils with high quality feedback in line with our marking policy
  • Using a range of resources and mediums to teach RE
  • Adopting a hands-on approach to RE including visits to places of worship
  • A ‘philosophy for children’ approach to discussions and learning in class

Assessment of RE at Stoke Row

RE is assessed by teachers at the end of each unit and progress of pupils tracked individually throughout the year. For more details about our assessment system, please contact our RE curriculum lead, Mrs Charlotte Whittle.

Religious Education Policy