Admissions and registration

Stoke Row is a voluntary aided school and so the school’s Governing Body sets the admission criteria. This page contains information on our Admission Policy for future academic years. For In Year Admissions, from foundation to Year 6, parents/carers should contact the school directly.  If there is space in the year group, we will put you in touch with the admissions team at Oxfordshire County Council who will process the application.  If the year group is full, we will ask if your child would like a place on our waiting list and if applicable, to fill in the school Waiting List Form.

SRS – In Year Application Form

The order of priority on the waiting list is the same as the list of criteria for over-subscription, which can be found in the SRS Admission Policy (follow link below) and does not depend on the date on which an application is received.  The school will periodically seek confirmation from the parents/carers that they wish their child to be kept on the waiting list.

Follow the link to view a copy of our admissions policies:

SRS Admissions Policy 2021 – 2022

SRS Admissions Policy 2022 – 2023

For the timings of this years admission process, including on-line application process and appeals please follow this link

Admission to infant and primary school

For details of the admission appeals timetable please see access the link here: Admission Appeals Timeline 2021

Any appeal should be submitted using the attached form, School Admissions Appeal Form

You may also find some of the following links useful:-


For admissions purposes for all schools where the Local Authority (LA) is the Admissions Authority for the school, and any own admission authority schools that have adopted the LA’s measuring system, the route from home to school will be measured using the shortest designated route.  Please see the attached Seed Point document for more information.