What is ICT ?

Information and communications technologies (ICT) covers all forms of computer and communications equipment and software used to create, design, store, transmit, interpret and manipulate information in its various formats. Personal computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, transport systems, televisions, and network technologies are just some examples of the diverse array of ICT tools. ICT is used throughout Stoke Row to support teaching and learning, as well as facilitate the smooth running of the school.


Our ICT Aims and Learning Objectives

Society is changing and there is an increasing need for a greater level of technological knowledge and awareness amongst the population as a whole. The effective use of ICT in the classroom will help to produce a population which feels comfortable with the new technology, is able to access life-long learning opportunities through the use of ICT and can adapt to the rapid changes in this field. To these ends, our aims for using ICT at Stoke Row are that all children will:

  • enjoy using ICT and tackle all applications with confidence and a sense of achievement and purpose;
  • develop practical skills in the use of ICT and the ability to apply these skills to the solving of relevant and worthwhile problems;
  • understand the capabilities and limitations of ICT and the implications and consequences of its use;
  • be open minded in their approach to ICT so that they will be able to adapt easily to the ICT systems and approaches they will encounter in their future lives;
  • be offered equal opportunities in ICT irrespective of gender, race or religion.


Access to ICT

At Stoke Row CE School computing is taught as a distinct subject and also seen as a tool to be used as appropriate throughout the curriculum to support and enrich the children’€™s learning.

We have a wireless network, which is accessible throughout the school, and each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard, document viewer, printer and scanner. Pupils also have access to a large number of laptops, PCs, digital cameras, sound recording and data logging equipment.