School Council and School Sports Council

school council 2015

At Stoke Row the children are at the heart of the school and their ideas and opinions are highly valued. Every year pupils from each class vote for a boy and a girl in their year group to represent them in school council and school sports council.

School council meet fortnightly with the Headteacher and discuss events the children would like to run and any changes or improvements they would like to make to the school. School council regularly organise fundraising events such as dress up days for Red Nose Day, Children in Need and very importantly they also judge our annual Egg decorating competition! School council members also attend partnership events representing our school in Oxfordshire.

Some of the reasons children wanted to be a School Councillor are :

“I wanted to make a difference.”
“I wanted school to be a better place for all the children.”
“I wanted to improve the play facilities.”
“I enjoy the responsibility and I think our ideas are listened to.”
“I wanted to be voice for the people in my class. “

Meet our School Council :

Year group        Boys Girls
Year 1 Charlie Collins Phoebe Blaker
Year 2 Casper Poulton Grace Chaffey
Year 3 Rocco Shaw Lydia Carter
Year 4 Noah Akers Maisie Redston
Year 5 Archie Lowe Rose Drewitt
Year 6 Matthew Vaughan -Davies Bella Cuthbert


As with school council, every year pupils from each class vote for a boy and a girl in their year group to represent them in the sports council.  They meet each week, with our PE specialist Sam Clothier, and discuss ways of keeping our school physically active, for example planning activities  to run at morning play times.  They also plan Sports Relief and fundraising events.

Meet our Sports Council:

Year group        Boys Girls
Year 3 Taylan Britton Lexi Kershaw
Year 4 Ben Wallis Lilia Taylor
Year 5 Cameron Reed Bethany Austin
Year 6 Jacob Wallis Rachel O’Bryne