Our Approach and Vision

Our Approach and Vision

As part of our dedication to continuous improvement, all stakeholders at Stoke Row – pupils, parents, staff, governors and the Stoke Row community – work together to set a vision for the school to enable our pupils to be their very best. Our vision is a school is embodied in our mission statement:

Through a culture rooted in Christian values we create a caring and fun community where everyone develops a love of learning and achieves their full potential. We provide our children with the highest quality of education based around our core principles: kindness, respect, perseverance, excellence and achievement.

We aim for all pupils make excellent progress in all areas, so that that they develop physically, creatively, socially, emotionally and spiritually as well as academically;

There are equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, religion, race, culture, ethnicity or physical ability;

Pupils and adults respect each other, valuing their differences as well as their similarities;

There are high expectations for all;

Pupils and adults respect each other, valuing their differences as well as their similarities;

Pupils, staff, governors and all those associated with the School are committed to the provision of opportunities for development and to the promotion of a life-long love of learning;

We work with the wider community, sharing skills, expertise, resources and time, to improve the quality of learning both within school and beyond the school gate;

There is a system of self-evaluation and strategic school improvement planning, designed to achieve continual improvement in pupil outcomes while at the same time ensuring that the school is both robust and sustainable in a rapidly changing world;

Christian values underpin all aspects of school life, Christian values.

Our school development plan sets out our focus for the next academic year, SDP 2016 – 2017, Jan 17