At Stoke Row School we are very proud of our tradition of offering a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Our current clubs are listed below:


Day Before School         Lunchtime              After School


Breakfast Club –

All years groups  (8am)

year 1- 6

12.30pm – 1pm

Bright Sparks Science Club (Summer term) 

Years 1 – 6



Tuesday Breakfast Club  

All year groups


Running Club – All year groups
Mr Lee (8am)

  Dance Club
Years 2 – 6
Wednesday  Breakfast Club  

 All year groups



Tennis breakfast club (Summer)

(Years 4 – 6)




  Berzerk Drama Club 

Years 2 – 6 



LAMDA Drama Club  Years 2 – 6

(4.20pm – 5.00pm)

Thursday Breakfast Club  

 All year groups


Art Club

 All year groups


Tennis Club  (3.15pm – 4.15pm)

Film Club
Years 3 – 6


Friday AFC Breakfast Club  

Years 3 – 6


AFC Football Club

Years 2 – 6
(3.15pm – 4.15pm)

Please note:

For all extra-curricular activities extra charging may apply so you are advised to check with the School Office and make any initial enquiries.

We sometimes add new clubs to our existing ones so please, come back and check this page as you might discover a new interesting club your child might want to attend.


A significant percentage of our pupils have music lessons via Music for Schools foundation, including wind and brass instruments.  We also have a guitar teacher and piano teacher.  We enjoy the pupils taking turns to play their instruments for Celebration Assembly.