At Stoke Row CE School we have worked hard to build a team which is friendly and positive, and which is passionate about providing the best possible education for our children. Our teachers are enthusiastic and energetic, and are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest educational and personal standards. Our teachers each have special interests and areas of expertise which we ensure are used to benefit all the pupils in the school. Our staff are our greatest asset, and the surest guarantee of our children’s futures.


Headteacher: Miss Charlotte Harris
Class Teachers: Mr Sam Clothier
Miss Rachel Doe
Ms Gillian Fraser
Mrs Annie Gilsenan-Wright
Mrs Emma Hughes
Mrs Sian Shipway
Ms Ellen Siv 
SENCO: Miss Rachel Doe
School Bursar: Mrs Cathy Higgins
School Administrators: Mrs Elise Way
Mrs Louise Chater
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Emma Beeton
Ms Pam Cooper
Mrs Jane Prior
Mrs Rachel Mannall
Miss Chelcie Barefield 
Miss Claire Higgins 

Mrs Laura Poulton

Lunchtime Supervisors: Ms Pam Cooper
Ms Donna Fullick
Mrs Diana Webber