Prayer Spaces Project

A big thank you to Russell Martin, from D:Two in Henley,  for bringing the Prayer Space project back to Stoke Row. The children were able to reflect on what prayer really means as well as consider different ways to pray. They were able to explore 4 different prayer stations:

  • Forgiveness- The children dropped fizzing tablets into water as they learned to let go of any bad feelings they were harbouring.
  • People-The children thought of someone important in their lives and created a model of them from pipe cleaners, while thanking God for them.
  • The homeless-The children considered what it was like to be homeless and wrote thoughts, or prayers, for those people living in difficult circumstances
  • Please prayers-The children wrote prayers on post-its and placed them onto a large bubble tube.

We hope all the parents who visited the prayer space found it a relaxing and enriching experience.

We’d like to thank all those people who gave up their time to run the Prayer Space this year.

It was wonderful to read the children’s prayers as they demonstrated their kind-hearted and thoughtful nature.





Year 6


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